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The group consists of 12 girls, each paired with a partner. Each month a partnership will host a dinner, which entails formal invitations, decorations, menus, a multi-course dinner, party favors, etc. Each year we'll have six hosted dinners, a few potlucks, and then take the summer off. The dinners are a lot of work, but a lot of fun. Each partnership will host once a year, and usually have a few months to plan. There are no set themes – be as creative as you want. This gives each of us plenty of opportunities to not only try out new recipes, but to also share an evening with friends.

Saturday, April 30, 2011


I've heard from a few of you that you weren't able to download March's Dinner menu. I've reloaded it and now hopefully you are able to receive it.

Click on this link

You will click on the BLUE download button.
It will count for 20 seconds
and than you should be able to view it.

Post a comment if you are not able to view it.

Also we forgot to add the Orange-Mint Drink to the document so here it is for all of you who want it. It is so yummy you have to try this.

Grandma Anderson's Orange-Mint Drink

5 cups water
5 cups sugar

Make a syrup by boiling this mixture for about 10 min. or until it starts to slightly thicken and sugar is dissolved.

Then add:
4 good handfuls of fresh mint (crush and twist it a little as you put it in to realease the flavor. I put stems and everything in b/c it all has flavor and you'll strain it out anyway)

Steep for one hour or more then strain out the mint leaving just the syrup.

Then add:
1 3/4 cup (which is one 12 fl oz can of frozen orange juice)
1 3/4 cup lemon juice concentrate (not the frozen stuff just the bottled lemon juice)

Store in the fridge. Serve with ice and 7-up.

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